Although our attorneys have been recognized for their specialty in complex litigation in federal appellate and trial courts, our firm offers many services to our clients and other public interest attorneys, including:

  • Lead counsel representation of plaintiffs in the U.S. Supreme Court, federal appellate courts, and federal trial courts

  • Intervenor and/or amici curiae representation in all federal and state courts

  • Trial counsel representation in environmental citizen suits, including depositions, expert reports, and discovery matters

  • Local counsel representation in federal or state courts in DC, CO, NC, and OR

  • Co-counsel services ranging from lead counsel roles to expert advisory/consulting roles

  • Litigation mentoring for newer public interest lawyers

  • Representation and/or expert declarant services in fee negotiations or fee recovery litigation

  • Preparation and submission of notice letters, demand letters, and/or public comments

  • Drafting FOIA requests and handling FOIA administrative appeals

  • Preparation and submission of rulemaking petitions to federal and state agencies

  • Drafting federal and/or state proposed legislation

  • Preparation and presentation of Congressional and/or state legislative testimony